Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello Kitty + Momiji!!

Hooray! We are so excited to learn the that the Hello Kitty Momiji dolls are now available in the US! We love Hello Kitty. We love Momiji! This is the perfect kawaii collaboration!!!

Momiji dolls are cute little message dolls that hold tiny folded notes that you can write a secret message, dream or wish on and hide inside the doll. They are so sweet! I posted previously about a Momiji doll that I sent to one of my best friends last year for her birthday and she loved it.

Aren't they adorable! I love them all by I think my favorite is Gigi followed by Chihiro! Which is your favorite?

You can purchase these mega kawaii cuties at Sanrio.com or at LoveMomiji.com!