Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Author of Cute Yummy Time Cookbook on NBC's Today Show

Here's a video of author La Carmina on the Today Show doing a kawaii cooking demonstration. Her Gothic Lolita style is adorable and the food is just too cute. I'm not big into cooking, but this might inspire me. I just might have to get her book!

Enter the magical world of Cute Yummy Time, where simple pancakes become adorable koalas, grilled cheese sandwiches become hippos, and lemon tarts look like puppies.

The Japanese cult of kawaii ("ka-why-ee," or all things cute) has spread to every aspect of living - including food. Japan's newest trend: school lunches dolled up as adorable creatures. They're feast for the eyes, but not all the ingredients may be familiar to Western palates.

Cute Yummy Time thinks outside the bento box, sharing more than 70 recipes for making food "so cute, you could just eat it." Using familiar and nutritious foods, author La Carmina shows you how to easily turn even the most mundane meal into a squeal-worthy sensation.

You can order La Carmina's "Cute Yummy Time" cookbook at:

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